Fitness guru Michelle Bridges leads biggest group workout with exercise balls


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If you were sitting in your cubicle April 10, rather than working out with an exercise ball in Midtown Manhattan, you missed one record-breaking morning.

Personal trainer and fitness guru Michelle Bridges and 353 others — Al Roker among them — broke the Guiness World Record for biggest group workout done with exercise balls.

Bridges, host of "Biggest Loser: Australia," led the 30-minute class outside NBC studios at Rockefeller Plaza, which was also broadcasted live on the "Today" show. An exercise ball forces your body to remain balanced, engaging more muscles than if you were on a hard surface. Couple that with squats, lunges, crunches and arm lifts led by Bridges, and you've got one killer morning workout.

Bridges new book, "Total Body Transformation," shares her unique exercise, nutrition and mind-set program, which shows readers how to transform their body in just 90 days. Her goal: To help people lose weight rapidly and keep it off for good.