Fitness parties: All the fun without the hangover


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TrapezeRemember going to tumbling parties when you were a kid? Why did we stop celebrating that way when we got older? Was it the “over 21″ written on our driver’s license? I had such a blast at those parties; I may even plan one for my birthday this year. And why not? Fitness parties are growing increasingly popular among adults — especially women in their 20s and 30s — according to a Reuters report. It’s the perfect night out for those who are just getting used to a new, active lifestyle and would rather avoid birthday cake and alcohol-fueled calories. And if you still want to party the traditional way, consider this a pre-game.

Check out these  suggestions in your area next time you’re looking for a fun, new way to celebrate a birthday,  job promotion or just a night out of the house.



You’d be surprised how easy it is to find a trapeze school. Apparently the idea of majestically soaring through the air is popular. All the jumping, kicking, swinging, flipping, crawling and, of course, falling will engage your muscles and work up a nice sweat. Also, you’ll build courage in yourself, trust in the instructors and maybe leave with a new hobby!


Strip/pole dancing

Why should bachelorette parties have all the fun? Plan an after-work girls’ night out and liven up your week. Pole dancing can give you a stronger upper body, strengthen your core, tone your legs and butt, and improve flexibility — not to mention build self-confidence and self-esteem. A strip class will teach you the sexy stripper walk and how to lap dance and peel off your clothes like a pro. Either class you choose, there is sure to be multitudes of giggling and new-found sexiness!



The goal in parkour is to get from one place to another by overcoming obstacles with speed and precision. You and your friends will feel like kids again at a parkour party. While they are more popular in the U.K., parkour parties are out there. Just go to a local parkour establishment and ask about group or private classes. You’ll learn some basic techniques, such as the cat balance — which builds wrist and core strength — and the wall run, a vital move in the sport and a major component of freerunning, an offshoot of parkour.


Roller skating

Come on, rollerskating parties will NEVER get old! Invite your friends to your local roller rink, and let the party begin! This great American past-time engages your leg muscles and glutes, and can help you burn more than 384 calories per hour. Roller skating also improves your balance and coordination. Ask your friends to wear glittery dresses, polyester shirts, bell bottoms, jumpsuits and gold chains, and you got yourself a ’70s roller disco party!