Fitness parties get women moving


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Forget about the tupperware, move over Mary Kay, a new company has entered the home party business model to inspire women to get fit.

Krysalis Fit provides women with fitness workouts, lightweight gear, accessories and clothing through home parties. These days, Avon is old news, and while Passion Parties are fun and often hilarious, strong is the new sexy! Krysalis Fit offers a variety of strength, resistance, core training and yoga equipment, including everything from acupressure mats and dumbbells to yoga pants and exercise cards with step-by-step photos to help women easily learn new workouts. Those who attend a Krysalis Fit party can shop for health and fitness merchandise, watch product demonstrations and try products before buying.

Unlike Tupperware parties and Avon get-togethers, women can finally buy products that will benefit their health. This way, they will look good on the inside AND on the outside. (Warning: we don’t recommend trying out the BOSU after a few margaritas!)

“Working out can be fun, social, quick and convenient, and Krysalis Fit provides a unique way to get this message out,” said co-founder Jennine Hynes in a press release. “Many women want to get fit, but most don’t make a commitment to healthy living because they don’t have time. We show women it’s possible to get in shape by offering exercises and activities they can do at home anytime.”

Check them out online at krysalisfit.com. You can even become a consultant as the company is expanding.