Fitness regimens that will help you unleash the warrior within


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Tough guy, eh? Whether you want to kick your fitness regimen up a notch or test the limits of your body and mind, HellaWella chose these workouts, classes and obstacle courses fit for the warrior in you.

Our current Sweat obsession is the National Guard’s website http://www.nationalguard.com/life/fitness. We recently stumbled upon this site and we love it! Meant to be a guide for those prepping for the intense, 10-week basic combat training, these FREE videos and downloads are conducted by SSG Ken Weichert, Master Fitness Trainer, Army National Guard, six-time Soldier of the Year, and veteran of Operations Iraqi Freedom and Desert Storm.

SSG Weichert provides short instructional videos focusing on proper form for upper and lower body, core and aerobic workouts. He even offers diet and health advice, and a seven-day meal plan! This may well be one of America’s best-kept secrets.

If you can’t get enough of this no-frills, military-style training, Beachbody has a bunch of high-intensity conditioning DVDs to choose from, like the popular “Insanity Workout” and “P90X.” Be forewarned: You will work your butt off!

Mix it up with Mixed Martial Arts-fight style training like Muay Thai, kickboxing, boxing, wrestling and Jiu Jitsu. You’ll be fit, and a force to be reckoned with. Click here to learn about the different styles of MMA fighting and which one will fit you best. http://www.180mma.com/combat-sports-training

If your hand already is a weapon, crank up your Martial Arts training and sign up for a weapons class. Learn how to defend yourself with nunchucks, wooden Bo staff and the coolest of all, the dull-bladed Kama. Ready for full-contact weapon fighting? Try your hand at Kendo, the Japanese art of full-contact fencing, which was developed by the Samurai. Don’t worry, instead of using a curved sword, or katana, you use a flexible bamboo foil called a shinai.

The less-intense Forza (meaning “strength” in Italian) is a Samurai-inspired fitness workout created by Ilaria Montagnani that utilizes a 1-lb. or 2-lb. wooden sword. If you can’t get to one of her classes in New York, visit Amazon.com and pick up her DVD, “Forza The Samurai Sword Workout by Ilaria Montagnani.”

Get dirty!
Pumped yet? Skip the 5k fun run and race through muddy obstacles that generally include jumping over fire pits, climbing over 8-ft. (or higher) walls, crawling under barbed wire, speed-stepping over tires and a whole lot more. You’ll test the limits of your body and mind.

Here’s a few mud runs that peaked our interest. Maybe we’ll see you on the course!

So, how do YOU unleash the warrior within?