Food Trends 2015: Kohlrabi



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Last week we talked about one of the top food trends for 2015. In case radishes aren't your cup of tea, this week we bring you another foodie forecast for the New Year: kohlrabi. Kohlrabi is also called a turnip cabbage, which makes sense because it looks a little like both. Although the following nine recipes feature the kohlrabi root, its leaves are also edible. And if you need extra incentive to eat healthier this year and try some kohlrabi, well, great news: it's not only low in calories but also an excellent source of potassium and a good source of vitamin C and fiber. Are you ready to dig in?


1. Kohlrabi Fritters with Yogurt Dill Sauce

Source: Blooming Glen Farm 

If you belong to a CSA and wondered, upon finding kohlrabi among your haul for the week, what the hell you're supposed to do with it, then make fritters! Check out this great recipe for fritters and a lovely yogurt dill sauce from Blooming Glen Farm. It uses the purple variety of the root vegetable.


2. Kohlrabi Curry

Source: Tasty Kitchen 

How about some curry in a hurry? With a prep time of 10 minutes and cooking time of 30, this recipe from Tasty Kitchen gets five stars.


3. Kohlrabi Risotto


Photo by Andrew Scrivani for The New York Times

The New York Times  featured this gorgeous recipe for risotto, which is just a creamy bowl of comfort perfect for these cold winter nights.


4. Swiss Chard & Kohlrabi with Lemon Sauce

Source: BBC Good Food (recipe by Gordon Ramsey) 

Definitely add this nutritious and savory side dish recipe featured on BBC Good Food to your Swiss chard rotation.


5. Kohlrabi Soup with Sweet Potato, Sweet Corn and Sausage

Source: Tahny Cooks 

This recipe for kohlrabi soup from Tahny Cooks is certainly delicious and hearty, but it does call for sausage and heavy cream. If you want to keep things on the low-calorie side of the spectrum, consider using low-sodium vegetable (or chicken) broth, substituting the heavy cream with plain Greek yogurt, and leaving out the sausage (you can also use vegetarian sausage, such as Tofurky Italian sausages, which are nice and spicy).


6. Greek-Style Kohlrabi Pie or Gratin with Dill and Feta

Photo by Andrew Scrivani for The New York Times 

We could not resist this Greek-style kohlrabi pie featured in The New York Times. As the Times suggests, if you want to keep things low calorie, make it as a gratin instead. We love gratin.


7. Hungarian Kohlrabi Soup (Kalarabeleves)

Source: Chocolate Moosey 

Chocolate Moosey adapted this recipe for Kalarabeleves from the vegetable cookbook Greene on Greens, which makes use of not only the kohlrabi bulbs but also the edible leaves. Nothing wasted here!


8. Spring Stir Fry with Fava Beans and Poached Egg

Photo by Marta Potoczek 

You need not wait until spring to make Lazy Sunday Cooking's recipe for stir fry, which also makes use of the entire kohlrabi, leaves and all. Just look at how gorgeous it is. We want seconds already.


9. Kohlrabi and Bok Choy Pizza

Source: Local Kitchener 

Kohlrabi and bok choy pizza, anyone? Well, check out this mouthwatering recipe from the Local Kitchener.