Foods to fuel your summer workout


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We’ve made it through the cold and the snow and the rain and the floods AND the tornados.

If you’re anything like us, you made a vow in between the freezing and the flooding to spend as much time outside this summer as possible. Well, we’re here to help you maximize your summertime workouts with healthy food and drink tips to keep your energy up and your body moving. Let’s check ‘em out:


Water is the most important thing we should consume, in general, but particularly during the summer. Think about it – we lose water weight when we sweat, which occurs both when we exercise and when it’s hot outside.

We put our bodies at risk for heat-related illnesses from dehydration to heat stroke once we’ve sweated out more than two percent of our body weight. When we exercise, we’re losing about five cups of water per hour. So the solution is the drink water before, during and after you exercise.

Fiber-rich foods

Fiber-rich foods can sometimes sit like a brick in the stomach, which does little to motivate us to move our bodies. Our solution – stick with light and fresh fiber-rich foods such as peaches, figs, beans, sweet potatoes or bananas.

Healthy fats

We wrote last week about why it’s important to eat a diet that includes the good kind of fats, which still holds true when we’re getting our run on outside. The good fats found in avocados will provide the fat our bodies need without making us feel gross.

Pomegranate juice

Many times, we need nutrients that will keep us going after a big workout, and nothing hinders that quite like aches and pains from improper muscle recovery. Drinking pomegranate juice before a workout could help ease muscle soreness, according to recent studies. Just make sure that you consume 100% pomegranate juice for the maximum health benefits.