Ford takes the green car to the next level


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You may think the vehicle you drive is green, but could it be greener? According to Ford, the answer is yes. The company is taking the eco-friendly vehicle to a new level by using recycled fabric in its new Focus Electric and other new vehicles for the next model year.

Ford announced that it is partnering with Unifi, a company that makes Repreve – branded fabric out of recycled materials, in order to create a greener car interior. According to the company, each Focus Electric will include Repreve fabrics that are made from about 22 recycled PET (polyethylene terephthalate) bottles.

“Ford is committed to delivering vehicles with leading fuel efficiency while targeting at least 25% clean technology in interior materials across our lineup,” said Carol Kordich, lead designer of sustainable materials for Ford, in a press release.

Other than feeling cool that your vehicle is partly made of recycled material, you can also feel good that you are helping to reduce the need to use newly refined crude oil for production, according to Unifi.

“We aimed to make the Focus Electric the most overall sustainable vehicle available to consumers, from using clean technology to overall vehicle efficiency,” said Kordich.

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