Forget Christmas trees! Help reforestation with a tree dedication


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Dedicate a tree in someone's name and they will receive this snazzy holiday card announcing your generosity.

Have a person on your holiday gift list who “has it all?” It’s time to get creative and give the gift of trees. No, you don’t have to drag a full tree to their house with a bow on top. The environmental nonprofit group, The Tree People, is making it easy: dedicate a tree — or a grove of trees! — in their honor.

Tree dedications provide funds to support TreePeople’s reforestation efforts, including planting new trees and caring for trees they’ve already planted in and around Southern California’s mountains. Now in its 38th year, TreePeople’s Tree Dedication program has allowed the organization to plant and care for trees in mountain forests and park woodlands that have experienced devastation from fires, neglect or other natural causes. Many thousands of trees are now thriving in their region because tree dedications!

A tree dedication starts at $25 for one tree, and the recipient will receive a personalized greeting card. Multiple trees can be dedicated; or for a gift of $100, a special certificate announcing a grove of trees will be sent to the recipient. Certificates can be framed in rustic recycled wood for an additional charge of $30.

While you can’t designate a specific area for your tree to be planted in Los Angeles, wherever it winds up, the environment will better because of your meaningful gift.

Visit Treepeople.org/tree-dedications to make your dedication in time for the holidays.