Found: Women’s beauty website with realistic tips, photos & feel-good content


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Photo: Alexis Wolfer

A beauty publication that doesn’t make you feel bad about yourself? Believe it or not, it does exist. Founder Alexis Wolfer and her editorial team at TheBeautyBean.com don’t use airbrushed models. Instead, they showcase real women of all shapes and sizes.

When readers look for, say, a beauty recipe for spot treating a pimple, they won’t see a photo of a model with impossibly flawless skin — which means readers won’t be put in that awkward position of drawing unfair comparisons between their reality and a perfect ideal. No unrealistic expectations, no feeling rotten about themselves, no bullshit.

“So many media outlets are predicated on the idea of making women feel shitty about themselves in order to sell them things,” Wolfer says. “Women don’t need to be told they’re terrible in order to get them to read content.”

Wolfer offers face masks to deal with acne-prone skin, scrubs to tackle cellulite and tips to relieve dry scalp, but the manner in which she disseminates information leaves women feeling good about themselves.

She encourages women to embrace natural beauty, but is not anti-makeup. She teaches women how to spot treat stubborn zits without making them feel like they can’t leave the house with a blemish. And she offers fitness advice but keeps the focus on living a healthy lifestyle rather than on losing weight and stressing over the number on the scale.

Wolfer does not merely offer DIY beauty recipes. She breaks down each recipe for her readers, explaining the function of each ingredient and identifying the vitamins and nutrients in each and how they work together to do what they aim to do — be it exfoliation, deep cleansing or moisturizing.



Vitals_AvocadoSome of Wolfer’s favorite tips:

  • Greek yogurt, besides being a healthy replacement for high-calorie ingredients, is also an effective acne treatment, thanks in part to the lactic acid it contains. Less than 1 tablespoon is required to cover your entire face.
  • Used coffee grounds make great exfoliators for the body, not face.
  • The inside of an avocado peel can also be used as a body (not face) exfoliator.


TheBeautyBean.com isn’t just about making your own beauty products with stuff you already have in your pantry, either – though readers who want to save money are sure to find a wealth of information in the site. Wolfer loves products and says “it’s just about finding a balance between the two.”

Forbes Magazine named the online magazine “one of the Top 10 Women’s Lifestyle Websites.” Wolfer herself has shared her expertise in beauty, fashion and lifestyle on the “Today Show,” “E!,” “The Doctors,” NBC, CBS, ABC and FOX, as well as in such print outlets as WWD, AOL, CNN.com, Oprah.com, Teen Vogue and Star Magazine.