Four trends cookin’ on the BBQ


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The year 2012 may not bring flying cars to ours highways quite yet, but the world of grills is another story. From built-in fridges to new safety features, the Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association (HPBA) has revealed some of the newest innovations that will be hitting the grill aisle this year. So get your burgers seasoned and veggies chopped and check out these groundbreaking BBQ trends.


Kenmore Elite

Built-in convenience

Don’t you just hate it when you’re grilling under a fiery sun and you reach for an ice-cold beverage, only to come up empty-handed? For those of you who want more from your grill than a place to cook your burgers, 2012 is bringing grills with built-in stainless steel refrigerators, bottle openers, beverage centers, brick ovens and other cooking elements. Check out this grill and this grill with built-in fridges and this grill with side-by-side gas and charcoal grillin’.



Element by Fuego

Want the taste of BBQ outside your backyard? Then opt for a portable grill. Take it to your next tailgate, picnic or camping trip. And today’s portable grills are lightweight and boast high-tech features such as infrared grilling. Check out this portable grill from Weber and this one by Fuego.


Accessories galore

Stake all-in-one BBQ tool

Today’s No. 1 fashion rule is accessorize, accessorize, accessorize. Not to be left behind, grilling is catching onto the trend with outdoor cooking accessories. Spice-infused pellets, all-in-one grilling utensil with a heat shield grip and such attachments as fish flippers, slider flippers, fork attachment and barbecue sauce brush attachment are hitting store shelves. Here’s an all-in-one utensil and seasoned sawdust and pellets.


Safety features

You may think that grilling the perfect cheeseburger is your No. 1 priority when chilling out at the BBQ. But it’s not. It’s your safety. Some of the safety features to hit 2012 include new propane tank carriers that sit upright in the trunk or back seat and grills that use the turbo-effect cooking method created by a blower system that does not use any propane or explosive fuels. Here’s a grill that uses no explosive fuel or propane and a propane tank carrier. And click here for grilling safety tips from the HPBA.