Four ways straws can make your life easier


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Reprinted from BrightNest.com

Straws were invented to make drinking easier, but this little piece of plastic doesn’t need to stop there. Straws can be major problem solvers around the house. If you have any of these problems, keep calm and grab a drinking straw.


1. Bubbly freezer bag 

Freezer bags are a great way to make food last longer, but they only work if they have an airtight seal. To prevent freezer bag air bubbles, leave a space that allows enough room to slip a straw in when you seal the bag. Push the straw into the opening and then draw any excess air out with your mouth. Seal the bag! The food inside will stay fresh. 


2. Messy caulk lines

Caulk may be easy to apply, but it’s not always easy to make it look good. Enter drinking straws! All you need to tame messy caulk into a smooth line is a straw. Gently run the tip of the straw along the caulk line while the caulk is still wet, and watch the smoothing magic happen. 


3. Missing nuts and bolts

Putting furniture together is tough enough without misplaced hardware or a messy storage space. Make life easier by turning a straw into a makeshift tiny hardware holder. Make sure the straw is large enough to fit the hardware, and then bend one of its ends and secure it shut with a strip of tape. Then, pour your loose hardware into the other end of the straw and seal that end shut with tape, too. If your hardware is too large for a straw, try ice cube traysTip: This method is also a great way to store straight pins or bobby pins, especially when you’re traveling.


4. Tangled jewelry

Trying to detangle a necklace is basically asking to be in a bad mood. Protect your jewelry (and your temper) by using a drinking straw to store your strands. Thread a chain through a drinking straw and then clasp it shut. This method works well in a drawer or a suitcase — it’s a great way to prevent tangles while traveling.

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