Free handy app by Red Cross can save lives


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Play it safe and download “S.O.S by the American Red Cross,” a FREE app by the American Red Cross, Dr. Mehmet Oz and medical website, Sharecare. You can save a life!

“S.O.S by the American Red Cross” provides real-time emergency care instructions and an expansive resource guide for emergency care information in order to help save lives. This recently updated app is available only for Android.

It’s really worth the two minutes it takes to download this free, life-saving app. Once activated, app users are guided through a victim assessment and receive step-by-step video narration and follow-along demonstrations by Dr. Oz. 3-D animations are included for the more complex protocols, specifically hands-only CPR and choking, along with an audio and visual counter for real-time CPR compressions.

The Resource Guide covers more than 50 common emergency care situations with easy-to-understand instructions for treating seizures to broken bones.

All emergency-care protocols were developed and reviewed by prestigious medical and educational panels from both the American Red Cross and the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP).

Go to the Google Play Store to download. And have a healthy, safe weekend!