Get ‘ballet-beautiful’ with Natalie Portman’s trainer for ‘Black Swan’


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Mary Helen Bowers,  famously known as Natalie Portman’s trainer for "Black Swan," is bringing her brand of ballet-inspired workouts to the masses. The “Ballet Beautiful Body Blast” DVD is a series of four 15-minute workouts that sculpt ballerina butts, strong cores, gorgeous gams and long, lean arms and shoulders. The only equipment you need is a mat or towel and some water.

“Ballet Beautiful” is set in a gorgeous, airy studio with lovely Beethoven piano music that automatically makes you feel calm and poised even through the toughest moments. Make no mistake; “Ballet Beautiful” is not easy, but Mary Helen’s effortless cool kept me grounded and motivated throughout my workout. My arms became so exhausted from the Swan Arms section I began to tremble, but Mary Helen brought me right back to the task at hand with her gentle reminders and much needed short — and I mean short — stretching breaks.

A great feature of the “Ballet Beautiful” DVD is that the menu helps you create a completely custom workout. You can do one workout or combine workouts to play seamlessly and allow a longer experience. With a Body Blast, Swan Arms and a two-part Butt Series, you have plenty of options.

Exploring the blasts one at a time is a wonderful way to build up stamina and really get the moves down for maximum effectiveness. The Body Blast is an intense, effective toning regimen that works you from top to bottom. Advanced fitness enthusiasts can combine workouts for more of a challenge; try the first Butt Series along with Swan Arms for a great toning, tightening strength routine.

“Ballet Beautiful Body Blast” is available at Target and on the Ballet Beautiful website. Here’s a tip: Watch “Black Swan.” After watching all the madness those characters have to go through, Body Blast will seem tame in comparison.