Get a better butt and stay motivated with this 30-minute treadmill workout


woman running on treadmill

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A demanding job and a long and draining commute can make it really difficult for you to squeeze in some you time, especially when it means coming home to cook a healthy dinner and somehow find at least 20 minutes to work out. Making poor food choices becomes infuriatingly easy when you're tired and hungry. And if you don't find a way to break the bad-habits cycle, before you know it, your body will be feeling it.

We're not just talking about weight gain, either. Your digestive system can go awry, your hamstrings may tighten up or your ankles may swell more often — even your mood can be affected. So you decide it's time to carve some time out to move those bones and get the blood pumping, not just so you can fit into your favorite jeans or show off that hot swimsuit, but so you can walk a few blocks to your train without getting uncomfortably winded.

The trick is finding a workout that works for you. Let's face it, some of the stuff out there that claims to give you flat abs in just 10 minutes or killer legs with 9 moves is enough to zap your motivation and send you back to the couch with a pint of ice cream. It's not that some of these workouts stink — but they are obviously tailored for people who are already fit and just want to maintain their weight or tighten and tone their bodies.

If you have bad knees, you can't do a million lunges — you might not be able to even do one, which is why it's extra important you talk to your doctor before starting any fitness routine. If the last time you worked out was about eight months ago, holding a plank even for two minutes might prove to be an exercise in futility. Push-ups? Come on. Bend yourself into a compass? Get lost. Not everyone can support all their body weight on one arm while bending themselves into an impossible, gravity-defying position.

What you need is something that's not impossible for you, but which, at the same time, challenges you so that you have to work up to it. After all, you do have to sweat, and getting in shape, regardless of your fitness level, is never easy. That's why we were super stoked to find this straightforward treadmill workout on PopSugar. You walk on an incline for 30 minutes with running intervals to get that heart pumping. Walking on an incline works out not just your buns but also your hamstrings and the backs of your legs. Don't forget to stretch before and after! You don't want to do too much with tight hamstrings and end up taking yourself out with an injury.

Check it out:


Talk to your doctor, and if you get the green light, be patient with yourself. You may find that you peter out after five minutes when you first start. That's five minutes more than you did the day before, so don't give up!