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“Everybody is wrong about everything, just about all the time,” wrote Chuck Klosterman. And we agree. For example, you’re probably wrong about how much dust is under your dishwasher right now. And what about the top of your fridge?

After looking at your kitchen from eye level every day, it’s easy to get into a cleaning routine that’s confined to obvious areas. Instead, change your perspective!

Here are some new vantage points to spice up your deep-cleans:


Lie on your belly

Step one: Put on your oldest, rattiest T-shirt and shorts. Step two: Lie flat on your belly. If you’re in your kitchen, check out the areas under your appliances and cabinets. In the living room or bedroom, check under furniture, like your bed and sofa. You may be surprised at the dirt that managed to sneak right by you.


Get on Lassie’s level

You don’t have to actually crawl around, but try getting on your pet’s eye level. Sit on the floor and take a minute to see how the room looks from half mast.


Sit on your kitchen countertops

Grab a snack and take a few minutes to sit on your kitchen countertops. While munching on your snack, glance around and see what catches your eye. Dirty cabinets? Try these tips.


Move your furniture around

The point of this is so you can clean areas that never see the sun. Push your furniture around. When it’s all awry, walk around the room and check out the nooks and crannies that are hidden from you 99% of the time. If they’re dirty, clean ‘em. Then, put everything back.


Get a bird’s-eye view with a ladder

What does the top of your bookshelf look like? What about your kitchen cabinets? Word on the street is they’re a little dusty. To get a bird’s-eye view, grab a ladder and hang out in the center of a room for a few minutes. What do you see? If it’s dirt or dust, use the ladder to reach the spots and get them clean.


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