Get fit with these 8 inspirational Instagrammers


Workout on the beach

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Too bad you can't just look at Instagram and lose weight. Unfortunately, it doesn't work that way, but the site is a great way to get you motivated. Add these eight fitness-friendly profiles to your follow list, and you'll at least be inspired to get off the couch.


1. @GoDarebees and/or @NeilaRey

Feeling like Batman or more like Black Widow today? Or maybe Lannister or Mulan? There’s no shortage of fun-named workouts beautifully illustrated at @GoDarebees. Scroll through the Insta feed or go to its predecessor, @NeilaRey, and you almost can’t help getting on your feet to try some of these workouts. Each one contains four to 10 moves with a recommended number of sets depending on your level. You’ll never run out of workouts here.


2. @The_PerfectWorkout

If you want to check your form, @The_PerfectWorkout is right for you. Sharon Israel Rashidi is a certified personal trainer, whose 15-second videos demonstrate an exercise and how to do it properly. Rashidi focuses on core exercises, many of which can be done at home — although some require gym equipment. She posts a new video every day.


3. @SquatVideos

There are just so many ways to do a squat. @SquatVideos shows you a different way to shape the booty every day. The page also demonstrates several other exercises, including deadlifts, lunges and box jumps. It shows you hundreds of ways to de-flab your backend. If you like SquatVideos and want more, follow @Squat_Clips, too.


4. @QuickFitWorkouts

Home & Gym Workouts, @QuickFitWorkouts, shares workout videos from other sources on an almost daily basis. They include different props — such as a skateboard, an exercise ball or stairs — and different backgrounds, from your standard gym to a beach, a lake or a living room. Most workouts demonstrate just one or two moves for inspiration. The account also shares photos of some rockin’ bods to help get you motivated.


5. @TracyAndersonMethod

If celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson's methods work for Gwyneth, J-Lo and Kim Kardashian, then it should work for you? Anderson has been around for a long time, and you’ve probably seen her and her workouts in Health Magazine. (She’s the one who started the #AintYourMama Body Challenge.) Her Insta doesn’t center around workouts — although she does have a few — but instead focuses on inspirational quotes and photos.


6. @Workouts_and_Exercises

The @Workouts_and_Exercises account borrows from Neila Rey and others, offering several different full workouts you can do from home. It makes a game out of exercise: For instance, if your hair is blonde and your eyes are blue, you do 30 squats, but if you hair is brown and your eyes are green, you do 27 push-ups. Or, it issues a Before-Every-Shower workout, or a Harry Potter movie workout that functions like a drinking game. Only have 10 minutes and want to burn off 100 calories? It’s got that, too. Don’t want to get off the couch? Easy; do the Sofa Workout and you barely have to.


7. @Workouts_Daily

Are you into "Grey’s Anatomy"? Or "Orange is the New Black"? How about "American Horror Story"? @Workouts_Daily makes a party out of your favorite TV show using the drinking game method. For instance, on "Grey’s Anatomy," you have to do to eight push-ups every time someone dies, a 25-second wall sit every time an ambulance arrives and 15 jumping jacks every time a couple argues. @Workouts_Daily also includes some easy recipes, like baked apple chips and banana dog bites.


8. @Home.Exercises

Got kids and can’t make it to the gym? No worries. @Home.Exercises is made for you by including your kids as part of the workout. If you have a wall and a floor, you basically already have all the equipment you need. Your kids are in the tub? Lunge and squat while you bathe them. Is your baby 20 to 30 pounds? He’s the perfect size to be a weight for your squats. This account also includes moves you can do with your spouse or a friend, as well as ones you can do in your living room, your backyard or in a park.


What’s your favorite fitness account on Instagram? Tell us in the comments.