Get-fit tip a day: May 1


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We are starting things off with a bang. Burpees are a full-body workout that scorches fat, fires up your metabolism and tones muscle.

To do a burpee, simply squat, kick your feet back into a plank position, do a push-up, return your feet back up to squat position, jump into the air and land in a standing position. Repeat over and over again. If you are a beginner, leave out the push-up or cycle in a few during your workout and build as you gain more strength.

See how many you can do in one minute: Take a 30-second rest and repeat. Keep going for at least five minutes.

Learn more about the awesome benefits of burpees.

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Get-fit recipe

Today try this chicken wedge salad with apple, walnuts & lemon-blue cheese dressing for lunch or dinner. It's only 675 calories per serving. You'll get your protein from the chicken and cheese, healthy fat from the walnuts and you'll replace sodium with the small portion of bacon. Enjoy!