Get-fit tip a day: May 15


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Go play outside

That’s right; we said it. Chances are you don’t get enough fresh air, let alone “playtime” outside. No matter how old you are, being active outside is healthy for you.

Get the old crew together and play one of these nostalgic outdoor kids’ games … freeze tag anyone?

If you're super pumped for the summer, get a jump on things and build the ultimate, adult-size Slip ’n Slide. It will be all the rage at your July Fourth bash.

Whatever you decide, just stay safe. Avoid being struck by lighting, and if you’re still “playing” by nightfall, please wear reflective gear.

See the full month of fit tips for May. Click here.

Get-fit recipe

All those outdoor shenanigans call for high energy. Start your day with refreshing homemade iced coffee and save some bucks — and loads of sugar and artificial flavoring.