Get-fit tip a day: May 27


Woman feeling sick at the gym

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sick at the gymDetox after a booze-filled weekend

Hungover? After a three-day weekend, there’s a good chance you kicked back a few cocktails. Today is the perfect day to drink lots of water and cleanse your body of toxins.

These three detoxifying yoga poses will help wring out the bad stuff.

Keep in mind that if you plan on working out or playing sports, take it easy. Your performance level will be low so you won’t be running on a full tank, and that can lead to injury.

There will be lots of parties and celebrations over the summer, so keep these tips in mind the morning after.

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Get-fit recipe

Back to work. Bring one of these unbelievably delicious vegetarian sandwiches to the office. Just make sure no one steals your lunch!