Get-fit tip a day: May 28


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Jogging on the beach at sunset.Think sand & surf

Summer is (unofficially) here! If you’ve got beach on the mind like we do, make it part of your workout. Hit the beach early and do the following exercises in the sand. The soft, granular surface will work your body in ways a hard surface cannot.

No beach in sight? No problem, get a surfer’s body with this three-minute core workout; try a waterless surfing class; or grab a DVD from the “Beach Babe” series by Tone It Up trainers Karena Dawn and Katrina Hodgson.

Get motivated by pro surfer Bethany Hamilton and learn how she stays healthy and fit.

See the full month of fit tips for May. Click here.

Get-fit recipe

Pesto pasta dishNo need to crank the oven. Try one of these light pasta dishes for the perfect warm weather dinner option.