Get-fit tip a day: May 31


Food diary with handweight

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Tracking your diet and exercise keeps you focusedTrack your progress

You’ve made it through the entire month of May taking steps to get yourself fit for the summer. We hope you continue your fitness journey as the leaves turn brown and the snow comes back down again. After all, being active and healthy is a lifestyle that should be part of your daily routine.

As you go forward, you should track your progress to keep yourself accountable, motivated and focused. Keeping a food journal helps you become more aware of your daily calorie intake while an exercise log shows how far you’ve come along since the beginning of your fitness endeavor.

Consider buying an inexpensive fitness tool — like a body tape measurer or pedometer — to help you track your progress or a more expensive techie gadget to monitor every movement you make. Just make sure it doesn't distract you during a workout.

Good luck on your journey, have a great summer and keep reading for more great fitness and health tips.

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