Get-fit tip a day: May 6


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Core strength

Your core is the most grueling area of the body to work out, but it's oh so important. Building a strong core — the muscles mainly made up of the abs, pelvic floor, diaphragm and lower back — not only makes you sexy and strong, it also helps maintain balance, improves posture and protects your body from injury.

Luckily, the exercises are not complicated and can be performed on a mat. Try this 10-minute confidence-building Pilates workout by Alisa Wyatt, chief Pilates officer at Pilatesology.com for a quick session.

Just starting out? Here are 5 ways to jumpstart an ab workout. Don't worry, if you suffer from a bad back, there are still ways to work this muscle group.

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Get-fit recipe

Are you getting enough veggies in your diet? You should be eating three or more servings per day. If you're guilty of skimping on the green stuff, here are some recipes to sneak more vegetables on your plate.