Interactive infographic offers organization, decor & cleaning tips by room


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If you love printable infographics, you’ll love this interactive one. It’s a house. With five rooms to click: laundry, kitchen, nursery, living room and garage. When you click, you’ll get some great advice, from cleaning tricks to organization advice to fun DIY decor.

The 'Life's Good' House from LG Electronics USA also advertises its appliances in each room. Not in the market for a new fridge or TV? Simply bypass the advertisements by scrolling down to the tips, including:

  • Use an inexpensive curtain rod to hang pot lids;

  • Put baskets in the fridge. They’re great for organizing leftovers and smaller items;

  • Remove stickers by blasting them with a hairdryer; and

  • Carpet stain? Soak a towel in vinegar and water and lightly iron on top of it to help remove the stain.


"We recognize the challenges busy families face in finding new ways to achieve better results around the house — and ultimately save time and energy," said James Fishler, SVP marketing for LG Electronics USA. "At LG, we're always on the lookout for a better way to simplify consumers' lives. With our 'Life's Good' House, we're helping you make the most out of your living spaces, by sharing household tips that provide solutions to common, everyday problems."

LG is also launching a Facebook campaign, which includes an online scavenger hunt. The promise of weekly prizes includes a super-capacity refrigerator from LG.