Get instant cash for your old electronics


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Source: ecoATM

In the wish-they-had-that-where-I-live category is the ecoATM, an innovative kiosk that offers an on-the-spot trade-in solution for portable electronics. Instead of fussing around with boxes and shipping labels — as is the case with most electronic recycling programs — the ecoATM is a fully automated system that examines your device and gives you the best value — in cash — instantly.

As of now, the kiosks are only available in California (lucky!), and 28 more will soon be installed throughout Texas. Housed in malls and grocery stores, the ecoATM accepts everything from iPhones to MP3 players in all kinds of conditions. The seller does have to divulge some personal information — designed to deter theft, according to the company website. However, you can stop the process and get your device back before confirming the final sale.

EcoATM claims that 75% of the items it receives are reused in some way. For the remaining 25%, the company says it partners with electronic waste facilities to ensure proper disposal and prevention of toxic materials from entering the environment.

Tell us: Would you recycle your electronics if you could access an ecoATM?