Get moving at 5 great charity walks this fall


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A charity walk is a great way to enjoy the fall weather, get some exercise and support a good cause. We’ve rounded up some of the best around the country to inspire you to get going.


Autism affects about 1-in-88 American children, so chances are you at least indirectly know someone who is living with this developmental disorder. Show your support by joining a walk for Autism Speaks.

Upcoming walks include:

  • Houston — Oct. 13
  • Bloomington, Minn. — Oct. 13
  • Columbus, Ohio — Oct. 14
  • Baltimore, Md. — Oct. 27
  • Santa Barbara, Calif. — Oct. 27

Drunk driving

Every year, a person dies almost every hour as a result of a drunk-driving crash, and 1-in-3 people will be involved in an alcohol-related crash in their lifetime. Help Mother’s Against Drunk Driving put an end to those statistics by joining in a walk near you.

Upcoming walks include:

  • Branford, Conn. — Oct. 13
  • Los Angeles — Oct. 13
  • Fort Worth, Texas — Oct. 13
  • Bardstown, Ky. — Oct. 20
  • Charlotte, N.C. — Oct. 27

Food allergies

Food allergies affect as many as 15 million Americans, including about 6 million children. If you want to support food allergy and anaphylaxis research and programs, consider participating in a Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Network walk this fall.

Upcoming walks include:

  • California Bay Area — Oct. 13
  • Westchester, N.Y. — Oct. 13
  • Atlanta — Oct. 14
  • Tampa, Fla. — Nov. 10
  • Dallas, Texas — Nov. 17

Heart disease

Affecting millions of Americans every year, heart disease and stroke are not to be taken lightly. Help make this a disease of the past by joining in a walk for the American Heart Association.

Upcoming walks include:

  • Fairfield County, Conn. — Oct. 13
  • Grand Rapids, Mich. — Oct. 13
  • Las Vegas — Oct. 13
  • Northeast Alabama — Oct. 27
  • Northwest Houston — Nov. 3

Juvenile diabetes

Type 1 diabetes, a disease that affects one’s ability to produce the right amount of insulin, affects about 25.8 million children in the United States. Help fund important research for this illness by participating in a JDRF walk near you.

Upcoming walks include:

  • Chicago — Oct. 14
  • Fayetteville,  Ark. — Oct. 20
  • Jersey City, N.J. — Oct. 20
  • New Orleans — Nov. 10
  • San Diego — Nov. 10


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