Get a professional-assisted stretch to improve your game


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As stretching becomes more and more a topic of conversation among fitness professionals — when to do it and how to do it — Stretch Zone is bringing practitioner-assisted stretching to the masses. Ever see NFL players getting stretched by a professional on the sidelines? You’ll be able to get that tailored-to-your-needs treatment at your local health club, gym, chiropractor office and even at your job (through its corporate wellness program) as the company continues to expand.


The Stretch Zone Method

Created by founder Jorden Gold, the Stretch Zone conversion kit is a conglomerate of straps, pads and buckles that the practitioner attaches to an existing massage table that easily fits in to any facility or studio.

Why do you need to be strapped in, you ask? The straps work to stabilize your limbs or part of the body that the practitioner is not working on, so that the stretched muscle — and you — to relax. That way, the practitioner is able to control your body’s nervous tension and slowly bring the muscles past their current range of motion and back to neutral tension before your “stretch reflex” — the body’s automatic defense against the dangers of overstretching — fires.

Stretch Zone, which has helped professional athletes who want to improve their performance and even rock stars who want to nail that split on stage, is currently training master practitioners who will then teach others already certified in their field — such as chiropractors, massage therapists and personal trainers — to become certified stretching practitioner. Every certified practitioner must follow Stretch Zone’s protocol of proper positioning, stabilization, isolation and stretching muscles in the correct order — like peeling back an onion, Gold says.

Stretch Zone promotes its method as a lifestyle, one that allows you to do anything from performing better at a sport to simply being able to reach a jar on the shelf. Baby Boomers are living an active lifestyle, but after a lifetime of not exercising, assisted stretching “re-educates the muscles.”

Learn more at StrechZone.com.