Get ready for some seriously awesome fitness technology in 2014


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With so many advancements in fitness technology — and the fact that you can go into almost any store and find a fitness-tracking gadget — it’s hard to imagine a time when we weren’t able to analyze how many steps we take, or how deeply we sleep. We sure do love our gadgets! It's not a surprise then that the market for fitness technology is predicted to grow nearly 25% in 2014, according to the Consumer Electronics Association.

Here’s a peak into what to expect more of in 2014:

Quantified generation

In English, quantified generation technology means technology that allows people to keep track of their own bodies to them make healthy choices. Such gadgets as the Nike Fuel Band and Fitbit come to mind, but performance trackers for action sports athletes are emerging. The Trace by ActiveReplay attaches to a helmet, skateboard, surfboard or ski, and tracks information about speed, distance traveled, height of jump, calories burned, number of tricks and more. 


Wearable tech

Forget watches! Wearable fitness technology has evolved to include everything from smart socks and shirts, to bras with built-in heart rate monitors. The technology is becoming more functional, and more integrated into our clothing. Outdoor gear is projected to enter the wearable technology market having the potential to integrate GPS, solar power, activity monitoring and hydration monitoring tech.

Fitbit — the maker of the very cool, very popular fitness tracker — plans on expanding into the wearable fitness tech arena. Jawbone, another successful fitness tech brand, acquired BodyMedia, a pioneer in wearable body monitoring technology in April.  

“With improvements in sensor technology, devices can monitor everything from steps taken to stairs climbed, which allows consumers to better monitor their daily activity and create smarter goals,” said Karen Chupka, SVP of International CES and corporate business strategy at the Consumer Electronics Association. “There’s no denying that fitness has gone high tech.”

We can’t wait to see what the future brings!