Get rid of bra bulge and strengthen your upper back with these workouts


strong upper back

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Bra bulge can be a real nuisance, disrupting what could be an otherwise sleek silhouette. Vanity aside, a strong upper back is important for overall health, strength and good posture. This is an issue that unites big- and small-chested ladies alike. No matter what your body or bra size, you can work to become stronger and healthier. Strength training is an important component of any solid exercise regimen for gaining power and reducing injury. Read on for reviews of some strength workouts that address bra bulge, and check with your medical professional before getting started.



Popsugar’s 10-minute “Bye Bye Bra Bulge!” workout is a challenging set of three circuits that will put your shoulders and back to work. Some of the movements address your core as well. There’s a lot to love about this workout. The moves, such as negative pushups (a slow, controlled take on the typical pushup) and halos, are fresh and different, plus host Anna Renderer offers tips for how to make each movement effective and safe. There are even modifications for less advanced exercisers, though I still don’t think this workout is a good fit for beginners. I also suggest watching the video before trying the workout, since sometimes modifications or helpful hints are offered in the midst of the activity, and you may find it difficult to get the hang of the exercises at first.


Natalie Jill Fitness

If you’re looking for some moves that are versatile and can be incorporated into your current strength training routine, this “Attacking Back Fat” video from Natalie Jill Fitness is a good resource for you. Jill, a functional fitness trainer, demonstrates four simple moves such as standing swimmers and two takes on reverse flys that can be done pretty much anywhere at any time. You can simply use your own body weight or use resistance bands or hand weights, depending on your fitness level and what is available to you. I am a fan of demos that give clear instruction on how to perform the movements and allow you to mix the moves with other strength and cardio workouts you enjoy. This fits the bill, giving you room to progress and experiment with what works for you. Jill also smartly points out that, while these exercises target that “bra bulge” area, attempting to spot-reduce an area isn’t effective. Rather, a combination of eating well and training to reduce overall fat, along with strengthening your muscles, will help to banish bra bulge. Jill doesn’t prescribe a certain amount of sets, allowing the viewer to use the amount of reps shown in the demo as a benchmark. Those who need more direction in terms of reps or sets may want to skip this one, but for those who want some more upper-back-centric strength training moves that they can tailor to their needs, this video is a great place to start.


Skinny Mom

Skinny Mom’s “Bye Bye Bra Fat” workout video consists of both weighted and bodyweight exercises. Trust me, you will feel every single one of these movements, especially if you do the three rounds recommended in the video. Also, after those alternating side planks, the arm slides are going to feel like a treat. You’ll recognize some of these exercises from the Popsugar workout, but presented in the context of a larger set as opposed to a shorter circuit gives them a different feel. Accompanying this video are upper-back exercises largely demonstrated via static images. These moves use a variety of equipment such as dumbbells and kettlebells as well as bodyweight. Out of the three resources covered, it provides the most options, but that before tackling it, you should consider a few factors. Kettlebells are difficult to master, so it’s important to have proper training before attempting the kettlebell exercise suggested. Furthermore, I’d recommend being experienced with weights before trying any of the weighted exercises, including those demonstrated in the video. The video calls for 12 reps of each exercise, but many of the static image demos don’t have a specific set or rep amount. This does allow for freedom but also can be confusing for those who need structure. I suggest sticking with the video, which is very clear and easy to follow. If you do attempt the other exercises, make sure you have adequate experience with the equipment specified and are confident that you can complete the exercises safely.

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