Get your ailing houseplants healthy again with this handy guide


woman watering houseplant

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Having a few plants in your home can do loads to brighten up a room as well as your spirits. Watering them and making sure they get plenty of sunlight is a nice, quick way to disconnect from the pressures of work and the tedium of the daily grind. Unfortunately, not everyone boasts a green thumb. In fact, some of us are, much to our chagrin, plant-killers.

If it's not that we forget to water them or move them near or away from a window, it's that we water too much. The lush green leaves we start with begin to turn yellow, wilting and falling to the floor.

What gives then?

As it turns out, there are several reasons why plants turn yellow. Check out this handy guide — created by organic gardening-supply company Safer Brand — which lists some of the more common ones, as well as the ways you can help those leaves look healthy again.

Safer Brand