Get your blood pumping this Valentine's Day with this couple's workout


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Want to share this with your special somebody? Julie Erickson of Endurance Pilates and Yoga shares a 20-minute Valentine’s Day workout to lift your spirits and increase your heart rate. Grab your favorite guy or girl and get your heart rate pumping.


One-legged squats

Stand facing each other, hands on hips, with one single leg extended opposite leg for each partner. Keep torsos upright, press soles of feet into each other and bend supporting knee.

10 repetitions on each side


Alternating lunges

Timed, one minute: Assume a lunge position, right leg forward, left leg back. Set a time for one minute. Start timer and switch lunges. Keep switching and keep counting your number of lunges. The winner gets a shoulder massage post-workout!


One-legged pushups

Start standing back to back, and roll down, hands to the floor. Walk out to a plank position and lift one leg to match partner’s opposite leg lift. Press soles of lifted feet together and lower into a pushup position.

10 repetitions on each side


Side planks with kicks

Come into a side plank position facing each other. Lift the outside leg to hip height. One partner stretches the top leg forward as the other stretches his or her lifted leg back — legs are reaching in the same direction.  

5 repetitions in each direction and switch sides


Medicine ball throws

Standing, legs wider than hips, pull medicine ball back behind head, extending upper spine, abs engaged to protect lower back. Throw ball to partner initiating throw by using abdominals to engage abs for powerful throw, aiming for partner’s chest. Partner catches at chest level, absorbing throw and repeats.

30 repetitions


Medicine ball twists

Seated, next to each other, legs extended, sitting about 3 feet apart from each other, facing away from one another. One partner holds the medicine ball twists away first and throws ball as hard as possible to other partner who catches it, and twists the ball away.

30 repetitions


For more info on Julie and her studio, visit Endurancepilatesandyoga.com.