Getting fit (and accessorized) with Apolo Ohno & Jared the Subway guy



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Olympic speed-skating champ Apolo Ohno, sports broadcaster Erin Andrews and Jared the Subway guy (who is currently celebrating 15 years of staying fit) were in New York City’s Hudson River Park today promoting a healthy and active lifestyle — even when your schedule is packed — and showcasing Subway restaurants’ new limited-edition messenger bag.

With the beautiful Hudson River as a backdrop, Ohno and Andrews participated with us media folk in two total-body workouts by Flywheel Sports and SurfSet Fitness while Jared cheered us on. Flywheel Sports’ FlyBarre is a total-body sculpting class that blends lightweight training, dance, and core-strengthening exercises. Surfset uses the movements of surfing to create workouts that build balance, core strength, stability, agility, aerobic conditioning, power, lean muscle and coordination. Both classes will kick your butt and make you feel fabulous!

Ohno — who recently announced his retirement from competitive skating — claims he is a terrible surfer, but he held his own on the board. Although he no longer trains like a competitive athlete, he still is passionate about fitness and promoting a healthy lifestyle. Even he said the FlyBarre workout was tough on his shoulders. Ohno is switching gears from the Olmpics to hosting the newly revamped game show "Minute to Win It," which airs on June 25.

I’m not going to lie: Subway’s messenger bag is pretty awesome. Sure it has separate compartments for your water bottle, phone and keys, but the coolest part is the foot-long insulated pouch that keeps your Subway sandwich fresh while you’re on the go. Andrews can appreciate that. When football season begins and she has to go on the road, she is only home one or two times a week and has to fit her workouts in when she can.

“I live on the go,” she said.

Andrews admitted that her gym bag is usually a hot mess, so the messenger bag by Subway will help keep her organized.

“I’m the type of girl whose lip gloss melts into her granola,” she joked.

Visit Subway.com to learn where you can snag a bag.