Give light, save a life


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Credit: Kurt Mann

While many of us might scoff at those still using incandescent bulbs over CFLs, it might be hard to believe there are still people in this world without access to electricity who have to rely on such physically and environmentally harmful fuels as kerosene for light.

According to Nokero (short for No Kerosene), living with a kerosene lamp is like smoking 40 cigarettes a day and has contributed to more than 1.8 million deaths a year. Health complications include loss of cognitive functions, gait disturbances and loss of coordination. Furthermore, kerosene fires kill more than 1 million each year.

And while we may not directly feel the effects of kerosene, its use affects all of us as the smoke and CO2 emitted from fuel lanterns is equal to the exhaust of 30 million cars.

Nokero is looking to change all that by providing economical, solar-powered lighting options to needy communities around the world. According to Nokero, one bulb can save 0.77 tons of CO2 during its lifetime and lasts more than five years under proper care. Each Nokero battery lasts two to three years and is replaceable for about $1.

How you can help

Nokero has partnered with a number of charities to help bring its life-saving, eco-friendly bulbs to communities around the world. One such partnership is with ChildFund International, which allows donors to provide lighting resources for up to $13,500 to service a whole community. (But even $6 will help one child). You can also give $15 Nokero bulbs to such organizations as Project C.U.R.E., Solar Sister and Eagle Energy.