Give shelter animals ‘Just One Day’ on June 11


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What if you had just one more day? What if you could give that gift to a shelter animal? That’s what the folks at Animal Ark No Kill Shelter and the No Kill Advocacy Center are trying to do with its nationwide campaign to create a no-kill nation for Just One Day on Tuesday, June 11.

About 1,200 shelters and rescue groups across the country are joining together for the cause, staying open longer to complete more adoptions and offering deep discounts on adoption fees on June 11. In addition, they are taking pictures and videos of savable animals and posting them on the Internet, Facebook and Twitter to encourage more adoptions.

Find out which shelters in your state are participating at the Just One Day website. We checked out New York and found more than 30 shelters are taking part.

"The response to the campaign has been very positive,” said Nathan Winograd, a campaign organizer from the California-based No Kill Advocacy Center. “The number of shelters that have already taken the pledge is inspiring." Winograd added, "And if the shelters are emptier than when they started the day on June 11, then it should be easier to make June 12 Just One More Day."

In 2012, the event’s inaugural year, more than 700 organizations participated and about 9,000 animals' lives were saved. This year, organizers believe they will save more than 10,000 animals.

So how can you help? Head on over to the Just One Day website and:

  • Take the pledge;

  • Ask others to take the pledge;

  • Support organizations that take the pledge;

  • Tell your family and friends;

  • Write letters to the editor;

  • Adopt a pet on or before June 11;

  • Donate;

  • Like the page;

  • Stop supporting organizations that won’t take the pledge; or

  • Ask your elected officials to support this day.


But keep this in mind: If you want Just One Day to continue past June 11, always consider adoption and encourage others to do so as well.