Give your sore muscles a break with this yoga routine



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We all get sore muscles, whether we've just completed a rigorous workout or carried a week's worth of groceries up our five-floor walkup. That's why it's important to give them a break.

PopSugar devised a 12-pose yoga sequence designed to stretch tight muscles, while working your arms and core. This is the perfect routine to do before and  after a strenuous workout, or right before bedtime to help you unwind from a hectic day and relax.

PopSugar/Louisa Larson Photography

Photo credit: PopSugar/Louisa Larson Photography

Click the image for complete instructions on how to do each move properly. Move through the entire 12-pose sequence on the right side and repeat on the left. When you're done, hit the shower and grab some Epsom salts. While soaking in luxurious bath is nice and all, not everybody has time to do so. But the salts can still do wonders for sore and achy muscles if you simply rub some on while showering.