Go deeper into your yoga practice while toning belly, butt & thighs


Yoga outdoors during sunset

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If you're having issues with your belly, butt and thighs, trust us, you are not alone. These common trouble zones can be tough to tone, but it’s not impossible.

Don't think yoga can help? Wrong! “Yoga for Belly, Butt, and Thighs,” a new Gaiam DVD featuring Chrissy Carter, a senior yoga instructor, teacher trainer, mentor and anatomy teacher at Yoga Works in New York City, leads us through four 20-minute practices that target these trouble zones and strengthen your overall yoga practice with core stability.

“These are areas that I have always struggled with,” Carter told HellaWella. “They are areas of weakness in my own body and I’ve worked hard to wake up these areas so that my yoga practice feels more integrated.”

Developing a strong core

Integration is an important part of the puzzle when it comes to yoga. Carter explains that your body parts are related to core stability, so strengthening these three areas will help strengthen your body’s overall integrity so it moves as a whole unit making your practice safer and more pleasant.

"Just because you’re doing the ab sequence doesn’t mean you won’t be applying some of the work from the thighs or glutes," Carter said. "Everything is interwoven so you’re getting a complete practice."