Got leftover turkey? Here are 9 ingenious ways to gobble it all up


Thanksgiving leftovers sandwich

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All that planning, all that cooking and all that eating and here we are, the day after, staring at all the leftovers. It isn’t just Black Friday, is it? It’s Thanksgiving 2: The Revenge, and if you’re trying to figure out how to keep all the turkey and cranberry sauce and stuffing and sides from going to waste, here are 9 different ways to “repurpose” those leftovers right into your belly.



1. The Ultimate Thanksgiving Leftover Grilled Cheese

Source: Ring Finger Tan Line


The blog formerly known as Ring Finger Tan Line takes leftover Thanksgiving dinner and covers it in cheese in this glorious sandwich.



2. Thanksgiving Leftovers Stromboli

Source: Betsy Life


Betsy Life knows a thing or two about Thanksgiving leftovers. Just check out this ingenious way to enjoy leftover turkey, cranberry sauce and stuffing, by encasing it in a prepared pizza crust. Nom!


3. Baked Turkey Croquettes

 Source: Skinny Taste

Skinny Taste scores with these turkey croquettes, which are baked instead of fried, so you can still enjoy them without feel guilty afterward.


4. Turkey & Cranberry Panini with Goat Cheese Tarragon Aioli

Source: The Messy Baker


The Messy Baker takes adds a twist to a regular leftover turkey and cranberry sauce sandwich by adding goat cheese tarragon aioli. Yes, please.


5. Leftover Mashed Potato Puffs

Source: The Kitchn 

If you have leftover mashed potatoes, and you just might, here’s an excellent way to take them and make something new with them. The Kitchn had us at cheesy mashed potato puffs.


6. Turkey Cranberry Quesadilla

Source: Emily Bites 

Instead of a regular sandwich, Emily Bites makes a turkey cranberry quesadilla. And check out the balsamic glaze.


7. Turkey Holiday Hash


We love how Boulder Locavore has created a turkey hash by combining leftover stuffing and gravy with some fresh ingredients.


8. Cranberry Hazelnut Turkey Wellington

Source: Rock Recipes


Rock Recipes rocks leftover turkey with this awesome recipe we just could not leave out. It’s freaking turkey wellington. This is leftovers on steroids.


9. Turkey Melt with Caramelized Onions

Source: Lemons for Lulu


How much Thanksgiving can you cram into one delicious sandwich? Lemons for Lulu takes a turkey melt and makes it taste like absolute heaven by adding not only caramelized onions but also spicy pumpkin mayo.