Group fitness: A battle of the sexes


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When it comes to group fitness, it’s a woman’s world. From Yoga and Zumba to Bollywood dance, it’s the ladies who dominate. Though these classes are open to everyone, some men (and women) may feel intimidated. Whether you’re a guy or a girl – if you’re looking for a more integrated experience, click below to learn about some gender-neutral group fitness classes at nationwide gyms. Then get ready to feel the burn!


Parkour Evolution Fitness Class

Parkour fitness is designed after the sport of urban freerunning, and just like the freeflow acrobats who make the city their obstacle course, trainers will have you rolling and jumping under hurdles and on mats. Lower body, abdominals and the back are the main focus in this fit philosophy, and it should help you gain some pretty impressive physical skills.

Where: Crunch Gym


Kickbox Cardio

Designed by world-class fitness expert and creator of the Powerstrike, Ilaria Montagnani, this kickboxing cardio class focuses on sculpting muscles and burning fat.

Where: L.A. Fitness


Les Mills Cx30

This 30-minutes core-training program targets specific areas at high intensity to cut down your workout time without sacrificing improvement and results.

Where: Gold’s Gym




Originally created to help professional athletes, this program introduces stability to engage both small and large muscle groups at the same time. It works to improve balance, core stability and more.

Where: Ballys


ViPR Training

The ViPR training program mixes strength and training movement. In order to do this course, you’ll get a hollow rubber cylinder with multiple grip handles that are used for lifting, squatting, lunging and tons more to give you a workout that really pushes your muscles and helps raise your metabolic rate.

Where: Equinox