Gwyneth Paltrow’s ‘It’s All Good’ is not half bad


It's All Good

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Elimination dieting is not new. Doctors have been using them to discover allergies in patients and keep them at bay for years. Gwyneth Paltrow’s latest cookbook, “It’s All Good,” has elevated elimination dieting to mainstream status, but Paltrow and co-author Julia Turshen are getting a lot of heat for promoting an expensive, restrictive diet that cuts several food groups, including gluten and dairy.

Paltrow credits elimination dieting with healing her headaches and panic attacks and is assisted in her diet by clean-eating gurus, such as Dr. Alejandro Junger. Yahoo Shine blasts “It’s All Good” recipes for using costly ingredients without taking into account individual-use price of pantry staples. People, if you don’t have the money for pimentón or Manuka honey, substitute. Gwyneth will never know.

Sensationalism aside, many of the recipes are quite healthy and could easily be incorporated into a balanced diet. Best gluten-free fish fingers are a great alternative to less-than-healthy bagged fish sticks, and the chicken soup with kale and carrots is sure to become a winter staple. Simple recipes — such as poached eggs with garlicky spinach and crispy turkey bacon, and New York vendor salad — along with basics, such as chimichurri and go-to black beans, are a nice companion to some of the more involved recipes and serve as a reminder that healthy food can still be flavorful and easy to prepare. The book also has a kids' section, as well as weekly menu ideas, including vegan and family-friendly options. Each recipe comes with icons that highlight protein-packed, vegan and elimination diet options.

Bottom line: Any sort of major diet change should be discussed with your doctor, not dictated by a celebrity. Paltrow’s allergies and sensitivities are unique to her and shouldn’t be taken on as yours. For the average person, gluten-free doesn’t automatically equal healthier, and no form of eating should become obsessive. There are vital nutrients in all food groups. Use this book as a supplement for a healthy, balanced diet, not as a nutritional bible. Try some of the recipes via Gwyneth’s lifestyle website, goop, and decide for yourself.