Gym vs. home workouts: Which will keep you more committed?


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GymBetween doing housework, cooking dinner and feeding the pets, completing a home workout can easily become the last thing on your mind. Yet, it’s not the actual workout that many of us are avoiding; it’s the exercising-at-home part. A study at the University of Western Australia discovered that those who exercised at a gym were four times more likely to stay committed to an exercise routine than if they exercised at home. So how do you find a gym that’s right for you?

Find a gym nearby

After a long day at work, few people are willing to drive an hour in rush-hour traffic, all to rock the elliptical. Even with the best intentions, fitness experts say that commuting more than 15 minutes can dramatically decrease the likelihood of getting there. Find a gym that’s close by your home or office and “I don’t want to drive all that way” won’t become one of your excuses.

Research what equipment you’ll need

Interested in bulking up? Look for a gym that is equipped with plenty of strength- and resistance-training equipment. If you’re hoping to achieve long and lean muscle tone, ensure your gym has a variety of cardio machines and perhaps a smith or cable machine.

Consider the classes

More gyms are now catering classes to a diverse gym population of attendees. So if the thought of spending hours each week on a stationary bike sounds drab, consider the classes each prospective gym offers. There are boundless types of boot camp, cardio, dance, cycling, yoga and strength-training classes that fit a wide range of needs.

Personal trainer

If motivation is what you’re looking for, having an expert to answer to can really help. Getting a referral from a friend who had positive results can help narrow down your gym search. Or take a tour of the gym and observe which trainers appear actively engaged in their clients’ workouts. Click here for more personal trainer advice.