Hair today, gone tomorrow: Better hair removal tips


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Summer isn’t just the season for shorts and bathing suits: it’s also when we wage war against unwanted hair. There are plenty of options, from waxes to creams to the good old razor; but each one can be smelly, painful for sensitive skin or harmful to the environment. Get the smooth skin you want without those side effects by making one of these simple swaps.


Instead of depilatory creams, try: Nad’s Natural Hair Removal Gel
Depilatory creams used for hair removal contain tons of chemicals that can irritate sensitive skin and even cause chemical burns if used incorrectly. Instead, try all-natural brands like Nad’s, which uses ingredients like lemon juice, molasses and vinegar to remove hair without hurting your skin or making a big stink in the bathroom (around $15, drug stores nationwide).


Instead of disposable razors, try: Preserve Triple Razor
Americans buy 2 million disposable razors per year, most of which aren’t recyclable. Reusable straight razors are the most sustainable but take time, patience and probably a few nicks to master. Instead, check out the Triple Razor from Preserve ($8.95, PreserveProducts.com). It’s made with recycled yogurt cups and can be mailed back to be recycled all over again.


Instead of waxing, try: Sugaring
At-home “sugaring” is easier, hurts less and feels better on sensitive skin than expensive salon waxes. To make a paste, combine 2 cups of sugar, ¼ cup of lemon juice and a ¼ cup of water in a saucepan. Heat the mixture to 250 degrees (check it with a candy thermometer).

Meanwhile, tear about a dozen 1-in. strips of cotton cloth. Then remove the stovetop mixture from heat and let it cool — check the temperature on your palm before applying it where you want hair removed. Cover with the cotton strips, let sit for a few minutes and then pull as if you’re yanking off a Band-Aid.