Half-marathon training log: Weather fail, dogs & derby


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My previous goal this year was to run a 10k, but here I am prepping for the 2013 More magazine/Fitness magazine women’s half-marathon on April 14. Here’s an update on my training:

I’m behind in my training, and I blame it on the weather — and my lungs. Growing up with asthma I was always told to “take it easy,” so besides playing sports during gym class, playing trumpet in the band was my main extracurricular activity. Still years later, as I run in the cold, I find my lungs working at half capacity. I bought a nifty Batman-style Bula face mask, which helps me breath easier but fogs up my glasses so I can’t see where I’m going. Needless to say, I had to abandon that idea. How would a normal runner deal with this situation?

Kim Watkins, trainer and owner of InShape Fitness, has been helping me plan my running schedule. She recommends that I run three days a week, focusing on endurance (e.g., the long run, about 10 miles), tempo (a little faster than race pace) and interval-based speed work. Yikes! I also need to dedicate one day to strength training. Mix in some roller derby practice three days a week and bam! Full schedule.


No longer my training partner.

Random notes from the road …

… I took my dog Sasha on a short 3-mile run this week. She usually loves running, but not when I’m on a training mission. This time she just wanted to sniff around a roadside stream and crap in front of a church. (I picked it up!) I did some high knees as I waited for her, but it totally threw off my mojo. I vowed to only run with Sasha when it’s about her. Forcing my dog to keep up — without stopping to sniff around and just be a dog — is just selfish.

… The My Tracks app has been really helpful in the past: It logs my mileage and time, and tracks my route. Sometimes my phone can’t handle the app and my music at the same time, and it crashes, leaving me tuneless and off the grid. There’s nothing more frustrating than a motivating song being cut off as your grasping for inspiration!

… Getting knocked around during roller derby practice and then going for a run the next day takes some getting used to. I might as well prepare for it since my team and I have a game the night before the race. The problem is, you never know where your next ache will appear. It definitely keeps life interesting. I now have an arsenal of knee braces, ankle wraps and bandages.

For more race details, free training guides and registration information, visit Morefitnesshalf.com.