This handy guide lets you know when your produce is ripe for the taking


choosing mango

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It's easy to spend a small fortune on fresh fruits and veggies, especially now that all that gorgeous fruit, such as mangos, pineapples and assorted berries, is ripe for the taking. But the key word here is "ripe."

Those who are not natural-born foodies who know everything there is to know about everything food-related may not be able to tell when a mango is ready to be eaten. What if it's too squishy? What if it's rock hard?

And with apologies to William Carlos Williams, sticking plums in a fridge can dehydrate them, resulting in much disappointment. The same goes for other stone fruit, like peaches, apricots and nectarines.

So how do you know whether to buy that mango or leave that bag of plums on the kitchen counter? This handy guide by Lunds & Byerlys is a good place to start. It lists a few fruits, some herbs and even veggies, and explains whether each needs to ripen or is already ripe, as well as how to store everything to extend shelf life and get the most bang for your buck.

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