The Hanger Games: How to keep your clothes alive


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Reprinted from BrightNest.com

Hangers may appear to be one-size-fits-all, but looks can be deceiving. The standard-issue wire model may work for dry cleaners, but your garments deserve some personalized treatment once they’re safe at home. The correct hanger shape made from the right material can help increase the lifespan of your favorite clothes and make sure you look great in them.

Here’s how to be an expert hanger matchmaker:

Jackets and coats

With heavier jackets and coats, it’s important to maintain the shape of the shoulder lines. Use sturdy wooden hangers with a wide, curved shape. This type of hanger will stand up to the weight of the jacket or coat and prevent bumps and wrinkles, which are commonly caused by weaker hangers.



High-maintenance materials (like lace, silk and leather) call for extra-careful storage in order to avoid snags and wrinkles. For silk dresses and blouses, lightweight knits and eveningwear, use satin hangers with at least ½-in. of padding and a non-slip surface.



Whether they’re button-downs or tees, most cotton shirts are best hung on tubular plastic hangers. Look for a heavy-gauge plastic that will stand up to a variety of weights, and buy these in bulk since you’ll probably need a lot of them.



From clamps to bars, there are a number of specialized pants hangers available. As long as you use one of them, you should be fine. Trouble occurs when you try to squeeze a pair of pants over a plastic shirt hanger. Tip: Remember to fold your pants seam-to-seam, end-to-end and consider a tiered model if you’re plagued with tiny-closet syndrome.



The clamp hangers that work well with pants are a must for skirts, too. While tiered options can also be a skirt’s best friend, avoid the urge to squeeze multiple skirts onto a single clamp or bar — that’s a recipe for stretching at the waist.



Suits may be one of the biggest investments in your closet and should be stored accordingly. Simply put, use a suit hanger. These are the wide, wooden variety with a flexible pant bar or clamp on the bottom. They’ll be able to support the shape of the jacket while keeping its accompanying pants in place.


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