Have a healthy Valentine’s Day on the cheap


Valentine's Day

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Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to indulge in decadent fun, but how can you do so while getting fit? Don’t bother with overpriced restaurant reservations or a heart-shaped box of mystery chocolate. HellaWella has your back! As Rik Lee recently reported, pairing up to reach health goals has many benefits. Put a little sweat and sweetness into your V-Day with these easy ideas that will have you and your honey laughing and loving all day long.


Breakfast in bed

Start your day with a decadent breakfast that will fuel you up without weighing you down. Eggs are a classic morning meal with major protein power, but this is a day to go beyond the typical egg sandwich, friends. Now, I didn’t say you had to slave over a hot stove. Poached eggs are so fancy and much easier to make than you think. The Huffington Post has a brilliant tutorial that includes step by step Vine videos. The tutorial briefly mentions adding vinegar to the cooking water as an option, and I swear by this trick for perfect poached eggs every time. These glorious little balls of sunshine are so good on a simple green salad or on toast with avocado, spinach or smoked salmon. This is a dish that is sure to impress and super easy to adapt to suit your taste.

Sass up your smoothie game with the next-level smoothie bowl recipes at Breakfast Criminals. They had me at Superfood Mango Lassi Smoothie Bowl, but there is a smoothie for everyone. Also, tell me your breakfast won’t be just a bit more delicious in this heart-shaped bowl.

Craving cake for breakfast? Sassy chef Nadia G has answered all of our prayers with her low-fat carrot cupcakes. They’re packed with so many good for you ingredients like Greek yogurt, applesauce, carrots and pumpkin seeds, they’re practically health food.

Serve with Wellness Mama’s Crock Pot Chai Latte and enjoy the spicy fragrance of cinnamon, cloves and ginger filling your home while you luxuriate in bed with your honey.


Fitness for two

Show your significant other and your body some love with a workout á deux. Looking to tone? Try Sarah Fit’s Killer Bodyweight Exercise Routine for Guys and Girls.

Become one with your date by practicing yoga together. BeFit’s Partner Up Yoga Series offers exercises from basic stretching to Acro Yoga for more seasoned yogis that foster a sense of connection and trust while also giving your honey a great view of your body.

Have you ever wanted to emulate some of Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey’s iconic Dirty Dancing moves? The time is now. BeFit’s Dirty Dancing workouts are fun and totally cheesy, which is kind of the point. The Dance Steps workout will introduce you to all the steps you need to know for the other routines.

Unsurprisingly, CosmoBody is in on the mutual sweat session action with their Get Hotter Together Fitness challenge. Check out this trailer and sign up for their free 10-day trial if you want to keep the partner workouts going past V-Day. Remember, check with your physician to make sure you’re all ready to go!


Blissful bites

Source: Goop (Gwenyth Paltrow)

Get your hands dirty together in the kitchen. Stuck on what to eat for dinner? Try one of the recipes from my DIY takeout series, and then whip up a luscious dessert. When Gywneth Paltrow teamed up with Moon Juice in a recent issue of Goop to make sex bark, the classic chocolate candy infused with a potent blend of aphrodisiac herbs, she was on to something. Making sweets with your sweetie is a very sensual act, whether or not you add pricey magic potions. Bark is a delicious dessert that will literally have your lover eating out of the palm of your hand, and it’s easy to make and adjust to your tastes. Go for whatever toppings float your boat: dried fruit, chocolate chips, nuts, crushed cookies — you name it.

Try Rawmanda’s raw vegan chocolate bark studded with glistening jewels of pomegranate or Cooking Light’s Chocolate Hazelnut bark. At The Corner of Happy and Harried’s frozen yogurt bark is a great option for those seeking a dessert with a refreshing tang.


Pour it up

There’s a reason so many people swooned watching Tom Cruise in Cocktail: mixology is sexy. It’s even sexier when you concoct a cocktail with a cheeky name like Tone It Up’s Get Lucky, a healthy take on the mojito, or Cosmopolitan’s tropical X-Rated Sunrise. Bonus points if you use grownup bar accoutrements, like CB2’s totally affordable stainless steel mini cocktail shaker.

After working and playing so hard, take your dessert and drinks to bed and enjoy a good snuggle. You’ve earned it!