Jar of uncooked red lentils
Check out these 15 red lentil recipes from around the world that will inject not only a bold splash of color but also a delicate flavor enhanced by...
Stomach pain
The appendix is a small pouch in the abdomen located between the large and small intestines. It's an organ that humans no longer use, and it is...
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Nothing says autumn is here quite like pumpkins. In fact before fall even hits, we find ourselves surrounded by pumpkin-flavored anything and...
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Brussels Sprouts
The key to this recipe is to boil the sprouts just until crisp-tender, then sauté them until golden.
girl watching action movie
A new study at Cornell University suggests that the content of the shows we watch could dictate how much food we are stuffing into our faces.
Building up your biceps does more than make you look good in a t-shirt. By adding muscle to your biceps everyday life is a bit easier.
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food allergy
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