Health gadgets that make life easier


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Technology allows us the luxury to have information at our fingertips 24 hours a day, seven days a week, as long as we provide enough changed batteries to make everything work properly.

Likewise, there are countless gadgets available to make living healthy less of a challenge. Here’s a sample of some of them and the variety of ways in which they can be used.


There’s an app for that

For those looking to lose weight or simply know his or her caloric intake, of course, there are phone apps that make that easier. Apps like MyFitnessPal’s Calorie Counter do that while also providing info about foods and exercises so that health, fitness and nutrition are all stored in the same neat little package. Keeping track of what you eat each day through mobile food diaries can help you maintain or lose weight. Here are five of the best food diary apps.


Portions with a punch

Still sometimes we need our gadgets to give us a visual of when enough is enough. Elegant Portions creates fashionable eating ware, such as wine glasses that measure the contents in ounces. That way us winos know quite literally as we drink when we should stop.




Blend it or juice it

There’s a big reason why smoothie bars and juicing are so popular right now. There are many health benefits by ingesting more vitamins and proteins, not to mention the yummy combinations of fruits and vegetables. Plus, it’s easy to do on a busy schedule. We recommend the Breville Juice Foundation Plus, which you can purchase on Amazon.


Comfort foods without the calories

We’re only human, and sometimes that means there’s a need for some comfort food. However, there are gadgets out there that cook our favorite fried chicken without using too much oil or by reducing the fat.

Mandolines make veggie cutting incredibly quick and easy, so you’re less likely to just order takeout after coming home from work exhausted. A grill pan is the urban grill-master’s best friend — you can cook everything you’d usually throw on a grill (if you had a backyard) instead of sautéing it or frying it with excessive butter or oil. And the very affordable George Foreman grill offers a fat-removing design so the grease from whatever you’re grilling drips right off and into a dishwasher-safe tray.