Healthy Aperture: Delectable recipes from around the Web


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Image reprinted with permission from myinvisiblecrown.com and healthyaperture.com

Image reprinted with permission from MyInvisibleCrown.com and HealthyAperture.com

If you’re a health foodie, then you probably know how many great recipe blogs there are sprinkled around the Internet. The creative minds behind these websites know how to combine healthy ingredients to perfection, display the recipe with aesthetic appeal on their blogs and take a mouth-watering photo that we would happily display on our refrigerators.

The only downside: There are too many delicious food blogs to count. And we know you don’t want to miss out on a great find just because you don’t have time to meticulously scour the Internet for every one of them.

Consider yourself lucky, because we have officially found the solution: Healthy Aperture, a food photo-sharing site that pulls from every corner of the Web to give you the greatest, healthiest recipes.

The goal, according to the website: “to celebrate the beauty and appeal of healthy food and to showcase how taste and healthy can happily co-exist.”

Here’s how it works: Bloggers who wish to showcase their recipe to the site log in and submit their recipe and photos. And you won’t find buttery, fat-filled concoctions here. Because the registered dietitians who founded and host the site only accept recipes that meet general nutrition criteria, meaning that each submission must contain at least one health- or nutrition-related tag or category. Bloggers are also encouraged to mention these benefits within their blog posts.

But as Healthy Aperture states on its FAQ page: “This site is not intended as a ‘prescription’ for any one particular ‘diet.’ Its goal is to inspire people to incorporate more healthful recipes in their daily lives.”

Image reprinted with permission from daringgourmet.com and healthyaperture.com

Image reprinted with permission from DaringGourmet.com & HealthyAperture.com

Visitors can browse recipes by page or by a whole host of categories, which include appetizers, beverages, breads, desserts, fruits, gluten-free, kid-friendly, pasta, vegan, whole grains and more. The images are linked directly to the submitter’s blog, where they’ll find the recipes, plus extra photos and information.

The site was created by registered dietitians Regan Jones of the Professional Palate and Janet Helm of Nutrition Unplugged. The editorial team includes professionals who have experience in the fields of nutrition, recipe development, food styling and food photography.