Healthy holidays: Yearlong tips for transforming the classic dishes


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The holidays are approaching once again, and we are faced with diet dilemmas everywhere we turn. So how to celebrate the deliciousness without the pounds? We have good news for you — with a few simple ingredient swaps, you can take your holiday menu from heavyweight to healthy weight!

You may be wary to bring a new dish into holiday traditions, but a few changes to your signature meal can cut down the waistline and add to the merriment! Here are three easy swaps for your meal prep this season.

  1. Avoid extra salt! Steer clear of packaged salt seasonings — go for fresh flavors. Instead of garlic salt in your mashed potatoes, try a fresh clove. Splurge a little on kitchen time; go au naturale with your seasonings for a stronger flavor and healthier dish!
  2. A sprinkle less sugar! In your next batch of baked goods, try reducing the sugar by one half. To keep it sweet, add vanilla, nutmeg or cinnamon. Try this out on a winter-inspired spice cake.
  3. Choose your fruit wisely! Fruit desserts can be sweet and light, but beware of hidden canned extras. Avoid fruit canned in heavy syrup — try fruit canned in its own juices or water. As always, fresh fruit is the best for you, and usually the best tasting as well!


Keep these tips in mind as you plan for you holiday meals. It’s a new food generation — leave your mark on this season in a slightly healthier style.