High-tech how-to: Recycle your gadgets


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Recycling is by no means a new trend. But did you know you also should be safely recycling your unused and unwanted electronics? And this simple act is loaded with benefits:

• It helps the environment. Recycling cell phones, computers and the like helps keep landfills free of usable materials, which then can be turned into new products.

• It helps your health. Recycling your high-tech devices helps manage toxic materials, such as lead and mercury, protecting your health and the environment.

• It helps others. If you donate electronics that are in working order, some programs will pass them along to charities or discount them for people in need.

Not sure where to recycle? The EPA has partnerships with a number of consumer electronics manufacturers, retailers and mobile service providers to bring you Plug-In To eCycling. This program gives you plenty of opportunities to donate or recycle your electronics.

Best Buy, HP, Dell, Office Depot, Sony, Sharp, Panasonic, Staples, Sprint and Verizon are just some of the companies that offer recycling and donation programs for your cell phones, computers and televisions.

Check out the EPA’s site for more recycling programs and tips.