High-tech scale tracks progress, not weight


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When you look down at the scale, do the digital digits that materialize ruin the rest of your day? An unsavory number staring back at you — especially when you’re trying to lose weight — can really be a downer. That's why the folks behind a unique bathroom scale are looking to change the way you see your weight.

The appSYNC Body Composition Scale, from Become Gurus, is a full-featured body scale, which connects to your smartphone to track your progress and help you reach your goals.

“A product isn’t ‘smart’ because it’s connected or has certain technology. We believe that communicating weight information thoughtfully, in a way that encourages people to become healthy, makes the Weightless scale smart,” said Chris Chupp, CEO of Become Gurus. “With Weightless, we focus on positive progress — being down 5 pounds rather than how much you weigh.”

The scale measures five indicators: body fat, muscle mass, water weight, bone mass and weight, which is available with the touch of a button — that means your weight appears only if you want it. Instead, your weight is represented dynamically as weight progress (e.g., -8.2 pounds).

The scale has a large 4 ½-inch wide LCD screen and touch-sensitive buttons and can support up to eight users with auto-user-detection technology. It works alone or with the Weight GURUS app.

The scale works with your iPhone, iPad and Android. Just open the app, press sync and scan the scale’s display. Prices start at $30.